nodontgoawaytate: The headband in your icon makes me so happy omg where did you find such a beautiful creature


i searched on Etsy and they wanted like $30 and up and i was like errrr……. no. but i got for $10 including shipping. they had a good assortment of colors too.

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Anonymous: there is an extension on tumblr that you can download and you can block tags. So when you tag your filthy porn as "nsfw" it will automatically block it so i dont have to see it.


Are you twelve??? Porn is just a part of life yo✌️

yeah there’s this thing called “unfollow”.

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gUys i think i just

ate a dog treAT


i thought it was a VANILLA OREO I’M 100% DONE WIHT MYSELF

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"Aquarius trying to cook"
mymarvelousdee: Can you wear micros for basic training

the regulation is

"When a hairstyle of multiple braids is worn, braids shall be of uniform dimension, small in diameter (approx. 1/4 inch), and tightly interwoven to present a neat, professional, well groomed appearance"

i remember seeing a few girls with micros during basic but most just got normal individual braids just to be safe! so if you get micros, someone can pull out a ruler and say hmm too small, so i would just follow the rules and get small individual braids for now. once you are active duty, the regulation is the same but they are not as strict with the standards.

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i can’t. this is real. a guy in hamilton made his family write this in the event that he died.

It gets better, these are his pallbearers
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bravadobeachhh: is that your real hair in your pictures?? ;O

ugh no i wish! its just a wig! i like changing my hair up alot.

my hair is only this longgg.


Anonymous: So I plan on saving myself for marriage, but i feel like its so hard to find genuine guys now, who are okay with no sex.
(part 2)Whats your opinion on no sex before marriage? Idk I’m like holding on to my virginity for dear life like its some magical thing, and i just feel like what if wants its gone I won’t feel any different than I do now. And this would have all been for nothing.
(part 3)
I’ve never been in a relationship. I’m always the single person who always gives advice about relationships, but has never been in one. I just don’t know what to expect, always kind of alone, and then all of a sudden your not anymore.
(part 4)
I feel like all of my friends and family members bad experience with guys has kind of ruined me for relationships before i even get in one. Because when something bad happens I’m always there to pick up the pieces, and i just don’t want that to be me one day.
 (part 5)
I don’t know why, but it surprises me when guys tell me they like me. I always feel like they could do better than the crazy girl who can burp her ABCs and probably tell you every show on netflix.
ok im combining these cuz its pretty much all in the same boat. i have no opinion on sex before marriage. i feel like everyones relationship/situation is different. i did not wait til marriage for sex, and i am very happy with my decision. having sex before marriage allowed me to understand my body, emotions, and relationships with my SO’s so i learned from it. virginity is still a special thing and always will be no matter how things are changing. you’re first time will be an important moment that you will never forget so if you have it before or after marriage it doesnt matter. being in a relationship is a very nice thing. it is better when the person is your friend. when the guy is your friend first and you spend alot of time together prior to a relationship, share things, open with feelings then decide to date, its as if nothing has changed. just a “title” on what you already have. you still can have plenty of alone time during a relationship if you choose to be that way. my husband and i still have alone time when we want it. that will not be you if you dont make it you. for example, my parents are divorced. so is my sister. i have no doubt in my mind that my husband and i will never get a divorce. if i went into my relationship and marriage with my background of my parents and sister i would never get married. you have to learn that love is how ever you treat it. if it is sacred and special to you, it will stay that way forever. not every guy is looking for ms perfect. some guys like girls who are laid back, some guys like a girl with a face full of makeup. you’ll find someone who will love you for you. everyone does.