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If you wait until you’re prepared to have children, you will never have children.

Yes!!! 👏

I think there’s a difference from being “ready” and “prepared”. No one can be prepared to have a baby but you can be READY. As in have a good stable home and money to care for that baby.

I see being prepared as having the home(whether it’s grandmas’s basement or your own home who cares) and money! And ready as in knowing everything/no stopping now it’s happening. Like we prepare for a test by studying, but are you ready to take the test when it comes? There is no saying how the outcome will be but at least you tried and prepared for it ya know? :)

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andreakiara: You have such a beautiful family 

Thank you! xoxo

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notyouraveragemomma: Ahhhh I don't know how I'm just seeing now that Alexandra was born! CONGRATULATIONS! She's soooo beautiful, good job mommaaa! <3!! 

Where have you been Mary?! She officially turns 2 days old in 2 hours! We’re gonna celebrate by skyping daddy for the first time woohoo!! Thank you girl!

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If you wait until you’re prepared to have children, you will never have children.

Yes!!! 👏

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Anonymous: Anon on militarygirlfriend blog...her SO got discharged because his "PT scores were so high they switched him to infantry" and they told him to "take the job or leave"...I'm IN the military and uh 😐 No. 


I’m sure shit doesn’t work that way


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Because that makes so much sense. And because some ugly mumblr hoes who don’t have husbands care about the 10inches I get at home.

If you’re gonna hate on a bitch, at least be original. K thanks ❤️

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Anonymous: Hi! My name is Alexandra and I found out that I'm pregnant the day before your little Alexandra was born. :) I just think that's funny and cute. Congrats!! 

That’s so awesome!!!! Why be on anon? I’d love to follow you! :) if you tell me who you are I won’t post your ask publicly if you’d like but no pressure. Haha but good luck on your pregnancy and congrats!

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Looks like she&#8217;s going to start out looking like momma!

Welcome to the world Princess. theycallmetabs

I love this!
Special thank you to my best friend and God-mother of baby Alex, Sarah. She came to Arizona from Illinois when I hit 37 weeks so I would have a friend to help me thru labor. She&#8217;s also staying til mid September as I adjust to motherhood and recover. Without her,  I would have had to drive to myself to the hospital during contractions and go through all of this alone. (My mom still isnt in town until tomorrow night!)  My husband is beyond happy for her assistance through this and I am sooo lucky for a friend like her!
effectpapillon: Congratulations !! :) 

Thanks honey!

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randomshit1144: Ahh she's beautiful 

Thanks :)

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erinkardashian: Did you husband cry ? What's did he say when she was born ? 

Well it was really complicated since I had the C section and completely knocked out so I couldn’t have him on Skype as she was pulled out. Also, my daughter was really big for my small stomach so they had a hard time pulling her out of the incision which led to her having fetal distress so she panicked and didn’t take her first breath of air/didn’t cry. (So she is in NICU, but she’s perfectly fine now I just have to walk to see her) So when they took her out, my friend was skyping my husband for me and hung up on him purposely so he wouldn’t panic since he didn’t understand the situation (he would of worried knowing she wasn’t breathing). So once Alex was stable she resumed the skype call and he got to see her before me! Haha. (After surgery I was wheeled into recovery and couldn’t see her until my legs were fully movable and the meds wore off so she was born at 11, i saw her around 1/2 I think?) But once he saw her he cried. Then immediately wanted to Skype me to tell me how proud he was and beautiful she is! I’ll explain more of the birth when I write my birth story next week but that’s the main things :)

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morganbrionne: CONGRATULATIONS! She's finally here. I'm very proud of you knowing the situation that you are in with your husband being away. The baby is beautiful and i can't wait to watch her grow up and develop into something extraordinary :) 

Thanks honey :)

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